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Committed to Our Members

About The Lake Norman Keelboat Council (LNKC)

The Lake Norman Keelboat Council (LNKC) is a federation of three yacht clubs, the Lake Norman Yacht Club (LNYC), Safe Harbor Peninsula Yacht Club (SHPYC), and the Outrigger Yacht Club (OYC), all located on Lake Norman, North Carolina.  The relationship between the LNKC and the Member Clubs is established in the Lake Norman Keelboat Council Member Yacht Clubs Spirit of Cooperation Policy


The LNKC is the governing body for PHRF ratings.  A valid rating certificate, issued by the LNKC Board of Handicappers, is required to participate in handicap (mixed fleet) keelboat racing on Lake Norman.  To apply for a rating, complete a
Rating Request Form.  Details may be found at LNKC PHRF Program.


The LNKC is responsible for the Lakewide Sailing Instructions (LSI). The LSI is required for use in any LNKC or “Lakewide” sponsored event. LNKC events and those designated as Lakewide are exclusive to qualifying members of the “Clubs”. The LSI is available for use in any other Club event. 


The LNKC is responsible for maintaining the Permanent Race Marks located on Lake Norman and publishing the permanent race mark coordinates in the LSI.

2023 LNKC Board of Directors

LNYC Burgee

LNYC Delegates

Patrick Voigt

Jacob Terrell

Kasia Fthenos

OYC Burgee

OYC Delegates

Fred Frey

Bob Nolan

Pete Calame

SHPYC Burgee

SHPYC Delegates

Greg Polek

Chris Slocum

Charlie Hall

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